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How do I get started in Modeling?

The first step

There is no simple explanation as to how to get started or what not to do. Many have found success through quite different routes. I would say that it would really depend upon which of the above types of modeling jobs you would seem best suited for.

If you feel you have the attributes; both physically, mentally and emotionally to be a high fashion model – then you must immediately approach one of the major modeling agencies which would be located in a major metropolitan city. If they feel that you have what they want – they will take it from there.

However, if you wish to seek work in any of the other areas then there is a sensible way to start. First, you must invest in some professional photo’s and this is very important that you find the best photographer possible. Next, be sure you display them properly with a professional presentation in a proper Portfolio case. You are now ready to seek representation and to join into the community of professionals in the field you have chosen.

If you have what the Agency wants they will most likely train you, or direct you to a legitimate source of schooling.

Many find it advantageous to join this professional community and make themselves known to the professionals within the community. To this end we recommend Pro-Active which is not a passive web presence, but will actively direct your particulars to the correct audience and those professionals who are seeking talent in your chosen field.

This for many is the first step in securing the attention of a good modeling agency. The bulk of the work in modeling is booked through the modeling agencies – that is why they exist.

It is prudent to check out the modeling agency and the Modeling Advice site has links to a list of modeling agencies and information on how to check out an agency.

You can also approach a modeling agency through their open call, by scheduling an interview, or by submitting a cover letter and photographs. Give them a call or email them and ask how they want new talent to contact them.

There is always the idea of going on a photo shoot with your friend (who is a model) and hoping that you will be discovered.

Since fashion models are composed mostly of young people, by the time a model is 30 his or her career is almost over. So, the agencies are constantly on the look for new talent. Just beware of the sharks.

Modeling is hard work. Many study and practice being a model by working on their expressions, posing, runway walking, hair styling, makeup, working in front of a camera, and learning how the business works. Many of these models work freelance or have non-exclusive contracts with a number of modeling agencies.


Most modeling agencies have web sites but most are password protected. Since they deal with a select clientele, they do not need every nosy web surfer checking out their models and eating up their download bandwidth. Two things agencies have going for them is personal contact with clients and filtering which models a client sees. Both of these are lost on the web so they are very protective of their product (models) and of their clients. If you sign with an Agency, they will have the means to get your portfolio on their agency’s web site. Though this system has some good points, it does block the photographer who may just occasionally need a model – especially if it is a last minute idea.

However, if you are with an agency you still may want to have a web presence that is accessible to everyone. This gives you a place to which you can direct fiends, reach client who don’t work with modeling agencies, and for that one-in-a-million chance that a major modeling agency scout or that big-time Hollywood casting director might just come surfing by and spot you. For a freelance model this web presence is essential.


This is where the ‘Pro-Active fills a primary need as it takes the initial steps to see that a model’s particulars are provided in a systematic manner and to the correct ‘Talent Seeking Audience’. This is not just a place to post your composite or resume this is an aggressive move to place you in front of those who need to see your information.

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