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Welcome to the world of Fashion – Modeling

An Introduction

The term ‘Modeling' actually encompasses a very large industry. Many people immediately think of “Haute Coutre” or designs displayed on the ‘Catwalk' by those very beautiful tall, slim men and women who work in High Fashion Modeling. But, this is only a very small part of this industry.

There are over 150 well known fashion design houses most of whom also provide “Ready to Wear” cloths and accessories. In addition there are enumerable retail stores and manufacturers who rely on their advertising and catalogues.

In the early stages of learning your trade and becoming a model you may find that your expenses are equal to or greater than your income. In that case by legal definition (by the tax authorities) your experiences are designated as a hobby. There is nothing wrong with this you are progressing but just not to the point where you have earned taxable income.

Be careful and choose wisely with regard to representation, photographers and generally where you are getting advice from. If you find that your costs are continually greater than your income – then something is wrong. There are bound to be some sort of cost factors in securing a professional portfolio, proper representation and generally preparing yourself for your chosen career. Just go about it sensibly. We do not attempt to offer all the answers, but will do our best to provide you with some basis of grass root knowledge.

It has been said that the entire modeling industry is made up of “sharks”. The difference between legitimate representation and those who are not legitimate is whether the shark is working for your interest or are you just supplying his lunch.

Your best line of defence is to obtain a basic understanding of the business and the variety of markets available to you for work. Try to understand that Modeling is not the ultimate end in itself. Models are an essential part of the world of advertising used by different industries to promote the sale of their products.

Now we must get a practical view of “High Fashion Modeling” which is what many people think of when you mention ‘Modeling'.

First, this part of the business is only open to those who are tall, thin and photogenic. If you don't have all of these particulars that does not mean that you can't become a model, but don't fool yourself and waste time chasing something which is out of reach. Be practical and examine all the other potential ways of being a successful model.

The ‘Big Fashion' houses stage events primarily in very large cities such as: New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo And, because of this it is essential that if you feel you have the correct particulars for this part of the business you must find representation from an Agency who is both connected into this particular line of modelling and who is also represented in one of these major cities.

Now if you are lucky enough to have one of these agencies find you and they believe you have what their looking for - then they have everything necessary to make it work. They have the photographers, make-up artists, clothing stylists, art directors and money to make it work. However, the reality is that for most who dream of being a ‘Supermodel' it does not happen. Fortunately just trying to make it happen can be a very rewarding experience – but that is up to you.

The norm is that only through proper training and hard work can you become a professional model.

Required personality traits

We will now speak briefly about the personality traits that Modeling requires.

Perhaps you feel you have the physical requirements necessary to be a model. You must consider that modelling is a tough business. Not everyone can stand up to the work schedule and stress that modeling demands.

Love performing: Whether it is a room full of people or the eye of the camera, you must enjoy modelling.
Hard Working:

Just getting the job is hard work, then you must realize that a photo shoot could last all day and night, perhaps to 16 hours.

Organized: You must keep track of your schedule, your finances, your modelling materials and your body's up keep.
In control: You must be in control of your body (size and fitness) and emotions in order to act them out. You must control your life style in order to be dependable and show up on time.
A self-starter:

You are an independent business person in charge of your own career. This includes your training, your physical upkeep, professional practices, finances and generally your life.

Projection: You must be able to sell yourself if you intend to sell a product. You must project your personality, charisma, charm and sex appeal.
Intelligent: There is much to learn in order to survive in this large pond of sharks – you must either learn quickly or be eaten alive.
Extrovert: You must be comfortable in meeting new people. You may be performing before strangers every day.
Good self-esteem: Modling can be very hard on your ego, so you must have the strength of good self-esteem to get you through the tough times.
Ambition: You must be ambitious with a great desire to succeed because it may be this aspect of your personality which will help you achieve your goals and get you over the set backs as they come.

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