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The following is a list of the Music Publishers. Upon searching this list and finding an interest in a particular person or entity continue your search entering the name into your search engine. 

Music Publishers Association

America :

United Kingdom :

Canada :

Australia :

In addition this is an extensive list for:


Abigail Music Pty Ltd
Adrenalin Sounds
Aire Recording & Publishing Limited
Alfred Publishing (Aust) Ltd
Allan Caswell Music Pty Ltd
Allans Publishing Pty Ltd
Aperifit Publishing Pty Ltd
Archer Publishing
Ardijah Partnership
Aussie Independent Music
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Australian Music Publishers
Axis Music
Azwan Music (Publishing)
Balcony Records
Banksia Productions
Beatbox Music Pty Ltd
Beyond Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Beyond Sound Limited
Big Bang & Fuzz
Big Jo-ke Music
Bilarm Music Pty Ltd
Birdman Brothers
Birthday Party Pty Ltd
Blue Day Publishing
Bluewater Music Pty Ltd
BMG Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd
Boosey & Hawkes Pty Ltd
Brolga Music
Bushhouse Music
Campaign House
Campbell Connelly (Aust)
Cat Songs
Cellar Music Co Pty Ltd
CG Productions Pty Ltd
Chappell & Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Cherry Pie Music
Chris Gilbey Pty Ltd
Chrysalis Music Publishing (Aust) Pty Ltd
Circle Music Publishing & Production
Circle of Love Music International Ltd
Circular Sound
Coathanger Music
Colossal Music Publisher
Copycare Pacific Pty Ltd
Cromwell Music Aust Pty Ltd
Cue Management Pty Ltd
D.G. & J. Kirkpatrick
David Platz Music Aust Pty Ltd
DGM Publishing Ltd
Dolphin Music
Doyle Power
Dream Dealers Pty Ltd
Eaton Music Publishing
Elephant Music
EMI Allans Music (Aust) Pty Ltd
EMI Belinda Music Australia Pty Ltd
EMI Catalogue Partnership Aust
EMI Davis Music Australia Pty Ltd
EMI Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd
EMI Songs Australia Pty Ltd
EMI Virgin Music Publishing Australia P/L
Essex Music of Australia Pty Ltd
Eudaimonia Music Pty Ltd
Euterpe Music
Exploding Art Music Productions
Extravagant Worship
Extreme Australia Pty Ltd
Fable Music Pty Ltd
Fairydust Music
Fathom Music Publishing
Ferngrove Holdings Pty Ltd
Festival Music Pty Ltd
Fifth Continent Music Classics
Fintage Publishing & Collection Australia B.V.
First Jak Publishing Pty Ltd
Floating Point Publishing
Fogsongs Music Publishing
Fools Paradise Publishing
Frankdon Music Pty Ltd
Future Classic Pty Ltd
G Schirmer Australia Pty Ltd
Genesis Music
Gibbon Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Glenample Music Publisher
Green Bay Publishing
Grey Area Sound
Grundy Music Pty Ltd
H.L. Music Australia
Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd
Halford Music Enterprises P/L
Hark Music
Hawk Music
Hebbes Music Group Pty Ltd
Hello Mr Wilson
Human Music
Human Publishing Pty Ltd
HW Media Group Pty Ltd
i/f Music
INK Music
IS Music Pty Ltd
ISO Publishing Limited
J Albert & Son
Jam Music Publishing
Jayrem Records Ltd
Jean Stafford Publishing
Jimmy Forty Music Pty Ltd
Joye Publishing Co
K Publishing
Kids Music Company
Kids TV Limited
King of Spades Music Australia
KMP Music
KSP Music Limited
Larrikin Music
Listeners Choice Pty Ltd
Liverpool CLC Publishing
Looking for Cool Music Pty Ltd
Lost the Plot Productions
Lotus Music Aust Pty Ltd
Lotus Music New Zealand
Lunacy Works
Maestro Music
Mai Publishing Limited
Marjac Productions
Mark O'Leary Music Publishing
Marli Music Pty Ltd
Massive Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Matthews Music
Mauriora Music
Maximum Music Publishing Pty Ltd
MCA Music Publishing
Memory Lane Publishing Co.
Midnight Music Catalogue
Minder Music Australia
Mix Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Modern Music Publishing
Morton Music Pty Ltd
Mr John Mitchell
Murdifications Pty Ltd
Mushroom Music
Mushroom Music NZ Limited
Music for Media Pty Ltd
Muso's Media Pty Ltd
Native Tongue Music Publishing
Nebula Productions Pty Ltd
New Time Music
NewMusic New Zealand
Nightlight Music Pty Ltd
NZ Entertainment Academy Ltd
Ocean Music
Ocean Road Music
Ode Music
Odessa Mama Records
Off The Shelf Music NZ
Orient Pacific Music Pty Ltd
Origin Music Publishing
Origin Network Pty Ltd
Outback Music Publishing

Pacific Rim Music Pty Ltd
Pagan Records Ltd
Palan Music Publishing
Pamper Music of Australia
Papa Publishing Company
Parachute Productions
Peermusic Pty Ltd
Pegasus Music
Penjane Music (Australia) Pty Ltd
Pigram Music Pty Ltd
Pocketful of Tunes
Porter Music Australia Pty Ltd
Posse Songs
Powell Productions Pty Ltd
Powerplay Records & Publishing Pty Ltd
Plasma Sonic Productions Pty Ltd
PLW Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Pride Music Publishing
Private Vault Pty Ltd
Production Music Services Pty Ltd
Promethean Editions Ltd
Propeller Communications
Publications by Wirripang

Rage 8
Razzle Music Pty Ltd
Reach Global Pty Ltd
Red House Editions
Remix Pty Ltd
Ren Music
Rhythm Safari Pty Ltd
Rigid Records
Rim Of The World Music Group
Roadster Music (Australia) Pty Ltd
Rocksugar Music Pty Ltd
Robert Stoltz Publishing Co Pty Ltd
Ron Taylor Film Productions Pty Ltd
Rondor Music
Rosella Music
Rough Cut Music Pty Ltd
Rox Music Australia
Rush Marketing

Sandy Music Pty Ltd
Sapphire Music Pty Ltd
Sawtooth Recording
Screensong Pty Ltd
Shock Music Publishing
Slim Dusty Enterprises
Sly Publishing
SM Publishing
Song Circle Publishing
Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia
Sound Counsel
Soundshifter Publishing
Southern Music Publishing Co (A'asia) Pty Ltd
Southern Music Publishing Co. (NZ)
Sundown Records
Swaggie Music
Syray Pty Ltd

Talentworks Music Publishing Pty Ltd
Tamworth Music
Tangata Music Publishing
The A & R Company Pty Ltd
TM Music Australia Pty Ltd
Toco Australia Pty Ltd
Torn & Frayed Pty Ltd
Trafalgar Music
Transistor Music (Australia)
Triarc Pty Ltd
Two Up Music Education

Universal Music Australia
Universal/MCA Music Australia Pty Ltd

Viking Seven Seas New Zealand Ltd
Vineyard Music Aotearoa
Visitors Limited
Visual Dialect

W & G Record Processing Co
Wallaby Music Pty Ltd
Warm Earth Publishing
Warner/Chappell Music Australia
Warner/Chappell Pty Ltd
Wet Musik Pty Ltd
Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd
Willow Publishing Pty Ltd
Wilson Publishing
Wishbone Music
Wizard Music
WMCR Music
Woodcut Productions Limited
Words & Music Pty Ltd

Xpress Songs

Yeldah Music
Yellow Eye Music

Zat Zit Pty Ltd
Zig Zag Lane Pty Ltd
Zomba Music Publishers Australia Pty Ltd
Zomba Production Music (Aust) Ltd

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