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This site is provided FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

This site has been created for you: The creative opportunities covered in this site offer far more than just career choices to many it will mean fame as well as fortune .

Historically the crafts covered by Performing Arts - Dramatic Arts, Special Events, Music and Musicians, Fashion & Modeling are all dependent upon all the supporting elements that make these events happen. The stage, scenes, sound and lighting to mention of few. And a considerable amount of this business is usually cloaked in a cloud of mystery. Our goal is to remove the mystery and provide you with a basic feel and understanding of the community you seek to join.

None of these events can succeed nor any of these productions become complete without the dependability of a professional crew and support of talented and creative technicians.

If you are or have been thinking of any of the jobs available behind the camera or stage; or in front of the stage or set then this is the place to start and we are the ones to help.

First, you must realistically appraise your ambitions in light of your abilities. Just because you wish to be - does not mean that you have the ability to be. Make sure that your talent and your ambitions are backed by your ability and determination to succeed.

Secondly, you must prepare yourself, this means you must attend the proper courses or schools which will prepare you for your journey. Talent-Quest will provide you with information to approved schools offering you the background training you are seeking.

More importantly we hope to provide you with a proper platform and introduction into our industry. The Unions and Guilds to join and where to be listed for the greatest access to work opportunities. is not an agent or agency and is not interested in payment of any kind. The information and contacts provided herein are compiled with the best wishes of the Professionals who support the community you have an interest in. Therefore, it is essential that we provide you with an entr'ee - a yellow brick road - to get you on the right track, help you to be properly prepared and to help you align yourself with the right people.

In most cases you will require a 'Headshot and a Resume'.

Depending upon the particular vocation you have selected you may require proper representation by Artist Manager, Agent or Agency. Those in the know will at the earliest opportunity align themselves with the proper Union or Guild.

The road to success starts with the first step and for many this is the first step.

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