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The following list is made from Entertainment Lawyers offering their specialized services. Talent Quest nor Datamatrix have any relationship with any of the lawyers or law firms listed below. You must rely on your own research in making any determination as to their ability to help you. Upon searching this list and finding an interest in a particular person or entity continue your search entering their website into your search engine.

LEGAL – Entertainment Lawyers

(view partial listing – more on request)

Abbott, De Carlis & Sawyer Gaineville, Florida

Adams Law Firm, The Orlando, Florida

Aikens, Macaulay & Thorvaldson Winnipeg, Manitoba aikins,com

Algis Sirvaitis &b Assoc Cleveland, Ohio

Allen Firm, P.A., The Orlando, Florida

Allen J.Kruger, P.A. Laurel , Maryland

Alschuler Grossman Stein & Kahan LLP Santa Monica, Calif.

Alta Films, Inc Salt Lake City , Utah

Anselmi & Mierzejewski, P.C. Bloomfield Hills , Mich.

Anthony T. Nici & Assoc Bedford Heights, Ohio

Arborlaw Assoc PLLC Ann Arbor, Michigan

Arlene Rimer Toronto, Ontario

Baker Law Firm, P.C. Brandon , Mississippi

Bell , P.A. Rockville , Maryland

Benedetto, Marcello A. New York , New York

Benjamin Laski, Law Offices Marine del Rey, Calif.

Berg, Esq. Phillip Lafayette Hills, Penn.

Blake & Wang P.A. Los Angeles , Calif.

Blank Rome LLP Cincinnati, Ohio

Bodman, Longley & Dahling LLP Ann Arbor , Mich.

Budgen Law Firm, P.L. Orlando , Florida

Burns & Levinson LLP Boston , Mass.

Chase, Barry Miami , Florida

Connie J. Mableson, P.C. Phoenix , Arizona

Cooper, Keith West Hollywood , CA

Corber, Brian Panorama City, CA

Connie J. Mableson, P.C. Phoenix , Arizona

Attorney Coudert Brothers LLP Los Angeles, Calif.

Dale E. Workman, P.A. Gainville , Florida

Dale L. Smith, P.C. Adrian , Michigan

David M. McCormick & Assoc Chesapeake, Virginia

Davis & Company Vancouver , B.C.

Dillard & Noel Chicago, Illinois

Dowd & Marlotta L.L.C. New York , New York

Eastham, Johnson, Monnheimer & Jontz, P.C. Albeguerque, N M.

Elam , IV, James Philadelphia , Penn.

Entertainment Law Offices Orlando , Florida

Faegre & Benson Minneapolis , Minn.

Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, P.C. New York , N.Y.

Frascognz Courtney, PLLC Jackson , Miss.

Fredrikson & Bryron, P.A. Minneapolis , Minn.

Gottlieb & Goren, P.C. Franklin , Michigan

Gowling, Strathy & Henderson Vancouver , B.C.

Greenberg Travrig, LLP. Santa Monica , Calif.

Greenberg, Glusker, Fields, Claman & Machfinger LL Los Angeles , Calif.

Gregory, Keith Raleigh , N.C.

Grewal & Associates, P.C. Lansing , Michigan

Hassett, Cohen, Beitchman & Goldstein, LLP Atlanta, Georgia

Heenan Blaikie Vancouver , B.C.

Harold & Knight – Jacksonville Jacksonville, Florida

Hurley Stanners, Limited Chicago , Illinois

IndieClear-Script Clearance Reports Hollywood , Calif.

Ingram & Associates, LLC Columbia, Maryland

Irell & Manella LLP Los Angeles , Calif.

Jeffer, Mangels, Butter & Marmaro Los Angeles , Calif.

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