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Always start with your local College and University courses. Normally they will offer extensive courses in writing techniques. You may consult our file on Graduate Schools or seek help through many private school offerings. Below you will find extensive subject listings of various courses on offer.

There is a constant demand for writers at the top of their craft to compose various types of product for both Commerce and Industry.

From the creation of Corporate Brochures to the composition of training manuels and news releases there is always a constant demand for good writers.

We will try to guide you to the correct steps to perfect this part of your craft.

Contrary to what many assume, working as a technical writer involves much more than sitting alone at your PC. The job requires plenty of contact with technical professionals, from programmers and project managers to machine operators and medical technicians. Solitary? Not quite. Collaborative? Most definitely.

If you're considering a job as a technical writer, one way to learn if it's for you is to spend several hours reading and reviewing computer manuals and online help systems, like those for your operating system and assorted applications. Ask yourself a simple question, Carliner suggests: "Is writing this what I want to do for a living?" Also, remember that companies use most technical documentation for internal purposes -- no one in the outside world will ever see it.

But the field has broadened to include a variety of job roles and responsibilities, as the name of its leading professional organization, the Society for Technical Communication, suggests. Technical communicators write and edit technical manuals, but their work may also include producing online tutorials, Web-based training and other materials for industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.

And the pay? The mean (average) salary for technical writers and editors in the US was $61,730, according to STC's most recent salary survey .

Electronic Technical Publications

Illustrated Parts Lists
Maintenance Manuals
On-line Help files
Operator Manuals
Parts Catalogues
Product Brochures
Sales Literature
Software user Manuals
Training Information
Web Based Documentation

Engineering Documentation

PFDs (Process Flow Diagrams)
Marine 'as fitted' drawings
Equipment layout drawings
P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams)
Ductwork and piping drawings
Electrical schematic drawings
Control drawings: loop sheets, ladder diagrams

Defense Documentation

ASD S1000D


(Electronic Publications)

ASD S2000M


(Material Management)



(Army Equipment Support Publications)



(RAF Air Publications)

ATA Series


(Commercial Aircraft Publications)

Def Stan 00-60


(Integrated Logistic Support)

Def Stan 02-40


(Royal Navy Books of Reference)

JSP Series


(Joint Service Publications - MoD)

Mil Std 40051


(Preparation of digital technical information for Multi-output presentation of technical manuals)

Technical documentation

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP)
Integrating with equipments/systems Built In Test (BIT)

Integrating with Video
Integrating with Audio
Computer Based Training (CBT)
Delivery over the Web
Delivery via CD-ROM / LAN / WAN

Medical documentation  

Medical and Pharmaceutical
The Legal and Patent Profession
Engineering and Telecoms

The below course description is offered by numerous Colleges and UNIVERSITIES.

Introduction: Technical Writing and This Course

Examples, Cases & Models: Index

Applications of Technical Writing

Document Design

Processes and Guidelines in Technical Writing


A webzine for writers, editors and other who create content for the online media.

Digital Output

Digital Output magazine is a national business publication for electronic publishers and digital imagers, providing monthly articles on subjects ranging from digital capture and design to electronic prepress and digital printing.

Editorial Eye, The

The Eye is a resource for writers, editors, designers, project managers, communications specialists, and everyone else who cares about contemporary publishing practices.

An independent website providing comprehensive resources on Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), Performance Centered Design, and Knowledge Management.


Intercom is the magazine of STC. It features articles of interest to technical communicators, focusing on practical tips for working more effectively.

Online Help Journal

A subscription web publication for those creating HTML-based Help or WinHelp in support of software, or preparing policy and procedure information for online delivery.

Publish RGB

Publish magazine was founded in 1986 to cover the emerging desktop publishing market. Since then, the monthly has expanded to cover all forms of electronic publishing and distribution, focusing not only on high-end print production, but on CD-ROM, Web, an

Technical Editors' Eyrie

A newsletter containing tips, techniques and resources for editor who are working electronically .

Writer's Block

Web magazine for professional writers with a focus on technical business communication.

Writer's Ink

The Newsletter for Documentation Specialists. Newsletter is available on the site in .pdf format.

XMLINFO, along with the sister sites XMLSOFTWARE and SCHEMA.NET, aim to provide well organised information and resources on the Extensible Markup Language (XML),


Understand the type of technical report your are writing

  Write down your specific aim

  Plan the sections and subsections you need

  Avoid starting with Background, Introduction and Methodology

  Write your headings using strong verbs and specific nouns

  Match content to your readers' knowledge and needs

  Keep information specific rather than general

  Write in plain English

  Use active verbs rather than passive verbs

  Keep your average sentence between 10 to 20 words

  Edit wordy phrases

  Use simple words rather than complex ones

  Avoid jargon

  Keep technical terms to a minimum

  Use examples and illustrations

  Use diagrams, flowcharts and graphs

  Use good layout to draw attention to key information

  Test your document with the intended readers

  Use recommended



Communication Skills Training: To improve your Business English.

Professional Writing:

•  Report Writing

•  Planning designing and writing technical documents

•  Basic Business writing

Argosy University (18 locations and online )

Society For Technical Communication (Membership required)

Writing Technical Articles ( Columbia University )

Gotham Writers' Workshop (endorsed by Forbes)

Graduate Schools
Creative Writing
Technical Writing
Commercial Writing
Writing Comedy
The Screenplay
The Playwright
News Writing
Terms of Critique

Becoming Pro-Active
Literary Agents
Writers Agents
Talent Agents
Artist Management

Screenwriting Guidance
Screenplay Analysis
Writers Guide
Guilds and Unions
Public Relations
Writers Contracts
Literary Organizations
Professional Scriptwriters
Becoming Pro-Active

Literary Agents
Advertising Agencies
Business & Industry

Being Pro-Active
Literary Agents
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Business & Industry

Open Call Audition

Talent Register


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