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Always start with your local College and University courses. Normally they will offer extensive courses in writing techniques including the screenplay. You may consult our file on Graduate Schools or seek help through many private school offerings. Although many regard the writing of a screenplay as highly specialised we hope that the below links will provide you with proper guidance and valuable information.

Creative Writing – The Screenplay

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Common Questions About Hiring A Script Consultant

What is the difference between Coverage and Analysis?
Generally, a studio coverage consists of: a one page synopsis, box scores (good, poor, excellent ratings on things like characterization and plot), and a page of comments that focus on the obvious narrative flaws and commercial viability of the story. Having written numerous coverages, I can say that, for the most part, the feedback is not very productive to the writer. The comments are cursory and generally point out the obvious. Most of all, a coverage never looks deeper at the potential of the script. Analysis, on the other hand, digs deeper to exploit what is working and point out what is not. Simply put, coverage is general...analysis is specific.

What does a typical written analysis consist of?
A typical analysis runs between six and eight pages, depending on the script. It covers all areas of a script including: narrative strength, dialogue, orginiality of work, characterization, structure, writing style, and format. The analysis details major concerns that need to be worked on and tells you why certain elements don't quite work yet. It also contains a detailed page-by-page breakdown of specific comments.

The following list will provide thumbnails as to the identities and locations of various people and entities in this field who offer assistance:

  • Academy Writers Clinic - Script, story and logline analysis, pitching, coverage, and contact services.
  • Act Four Screenplays - Consultation, coaching and online classes for screenwriters of all experience levels, from a former major movie studio story analyst.
  • Alpha Media Script Consulting - Offers quality screenplay coverage at an affordable price for writers of any background.
  • Amos Poe - NYU film professor and WGA screenwriter offers script consultation and rewrites.
  • Angell Productions - Script assessments, scriptwriting courses by e-mail, and web page hosting; large database on women's history of Oceania .
  • Ask Dr. Hollywood - Screenwriter's FAQ from the WGA mentor program.
  • Augusta Pictures - Augusta Pictures is a feature film and television production company offering script analysis services to members of the entertainment industry who need help with the next rewrite.
  • Brass Brad - Produced screenwriter Kimberly Seilhamer provides detailed script analysis with page-by-page notes to the writer.
  • Bupkus Pictures Script Services - A site where you can talk to a working screenwriter, an award-winning playwright, a director, lecturer, and script doctor all in one.
  • Clayton Redfield - Post-production rewrites, reconstruction, or screenplay consulting.
  • The Complete Screenplay & More - An environment where each writer is encouraged to find their authentic voice.
  • Coverage, Inc. - In-depth industry style coverage of your feature screenplay, by an industry reader.
  • - Screenplay analyst, reader and consultant helping film, movie or television writers
  • Darc Productions - Screenplay coverage service from a produced UK screenwriter, providing 2-3 pages of notes.
  • The Development House - A Canada-based creative development company, with script coverage services for producers, writers, distributors & agents.
  • DOC SCENARIO - In depth evaluation of your writing in either English or French thus giving you the means to be absolutely certain that it is as good as it can be.
  • Ela Thier, script consultant - Script development notes and script consultations by produced NY screenwriter, including tips, resources and links for developing and selling your work.
  • Eternal Principles of Storytelling - Screenwriting seminars which identify the principles that have given the great stories their potency and how those principles can be used in a writers work.
  • European Television Script Writing and Consulting - Script writers and consultants with years of experience in script writing programs of the European Union. Script editing and development for the European market.
  • Fair Coverage Dot Com - This service provides studio-style coverage for scripts of all genres.
  • First Reading - Affordable script coverage for new screenwriters.
  • The Gail Cooper Site - Gail Cooper: New York screenwriter, story analyst, script reader, treatment writer, "script doctor"
  • Got Ya Covered - Script review service providing reports on screenplays for television or feature productions.
  • - Some interviews and articles offering professional insight into the Hollywood screenwriting process.
  • Hollywood Script - Scriptwriting consulting service and newsletter.
  • Hollywood Script Analysis - Professional coverage for your screenplay. Now also available in the U.K. and Europe .
  • Hollywood Working Writer - Award winner Paul Cooper provides affordable and professional script consulting and screenplay analysis.
  • - Industry pros critique your book or script. We've had options.
  • How To Write Scripts - Hollywood screenwriting tips and tricks from a professional script consultant, to help you write and sell your screenplay.
  • ID2 Films - Paris & London based company dedicated to film development, scriptwriting training, and French and English language projects.
  • idee aan zee producties - TV producties Opdrachtvideo Communicatie
  • Inside Story Ink - Comprehensive story and script analysis, consultation and coaching for screenwriters of all ilk, by an industry professional with extensive television credits.
  • James P. Mercurio Script Consulting Services - Filmaker, writer and consultant Jim Mercurio will give you all the feedback you need to rewrite your screenplay.
  • Jon Nalick - Screenplay analysis and coverage.
  • Kara Shelby Screenplay Service - Proper spec script formatting and technical editing service for screenwriters.
  • Knight Owl Entertainment - Screenwriters offer basic editing services for scripts, treatments and query letters.
  • Latino Screenwriters Network - A script analysis and consultation service for Latino screenwriters, to help them develop their unique stories and improve their writing skills.
  • Literary & Screenplay Consultants - Studio-level script analysis and development notes by major studio-produced screenwriter with Academy Award-nominated clients.
  • London Script Consultancy - A range of script services to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay. We can prescribe a full development programme to prepare your script for the commercial market place
  • Lynn Barker - Script consultant and produced WGA writer offering screenplay evaluation and consulting services.
  • Michael McCay - Script-consultant, screenwriter and producer based in Germany offers screenwriting services.
  • MonoMyth Consulting Services - MonoMyth Consulting focuses on studying the echoes of story in the human psyche. We will give you tools to view your novel, screenplay or anything with a storyline to help you see the hidden symbolic threads and meanings within your work.
  • - Psychiatrist offers technical advice for screenwriters, directors and producers, regarding psychiatric treatment, patients and general mental health issues, to contribute to the accuracy of the content and depictions.
  • museWorks - Script analysis, full draft consultation, and story editing services.
  • My Script Needs Help! - Script coverage, analysis, repair, and ghostwriting. Treatments, screenplays, teleplays, stage plays, and novels.
  • mythforlife - Psychically channeled script consultations.
  • New York Script and Story - New York City based script and story presentation and analysis service for writers seeking an entrée into the film/TV industry, and for producers looking for fresh, original material.
  • PCH Filmworks - PCH Filmworks provides script coverage and analysis and script brokering of select screenplays.
  • Pictureanywhere-Measuring entertainment before it happens - We measure the entertainment values in Scripts, Storyboards, Movies, Sitcoms and Advertisements. We use the emotions in the content as the fundamental unit of measurement.
  • Prescott Screenplay Consulting - Professional screenwriter and consultant provides producers and writers with screenplay critiques and coverage, as well as formatting and typing service.
  • PreScripting - Personalized feedback from an experienced story analyst, focusing on commercial potential of scripts and manuscripts.
  • Prime Crime Development Ltd - Writer and advisor on crime and police dramas. Includes contact information for consultation.
  • Rainey Script Consulting - In-depth screenplay critiques and evaluations by an industry professional.
  • Reading and Righting - This site explains how you should set about getting your Manuscript in as professionally polished a state as possible, before it's submitted to literary agents, publishers or production companies.
  • Red Inkworks - Canada-based script coverage service, including synopsis of your script, 1-page evaluation and standard boxed rating.
  • Richard Krevolin: Screenwriting Professor - Offers script consulting and screenwriters workshops.
  • Richwood Script Consultants - Service provides script notes, edits, analysis and support throughout the development process.
  • RP Story Services - Ten year veteran studio story editor provides screenplay evaluation via standard coverage, development notes and marked scripts to get your screenplay ready for submission.
  • Screenbrokers - Evaluation/analysis with representation offered for outstanding scripts.
  • Screenplay Coverage UK - UK screenplay coverage and story notes from a professional reader serving UK screenwriters.
  • Screenplay Development Notes - Scriptwriting Coverage Service. Script Reader for two 'indie' companies is avalible for script consultancy work on your feature specs.
  • ScreenPlay - Movie and television scripts and screenplays are evaluated by two entertainment industry professionals for screenwriters. Script consulting and pitching services are also available.
  • Screenplay Notes - Screenplay analysis and script consultation by Sundance award winner, screenwriter Gordy Hoffman.
  • Screenplay Readers - Providing script coverage and screenplay reading.
  • Screenwriters Consulting Group - The Screenwriters Consulting Group offers coverage and expanded coverage, including television and film scripts.
  • Screenwriting Consultant - Profesional story analysis and script coverage, including script editing and story structure.
  • Script Advisor - Personal screenwriting assistance from an experienced industry script consultant/story analyst/screenwriter.
  • The Script Analyst - Script coverage for aspiring screenwriters who are seeking advice and feedback before submitting their screenplay.
  • The Script Consultant - Screenplay coverage and different types of script analysis to give your script that competitive edge.
  • Script Doctor - A play and screenwriter with many years experience in theatre, films and television offers her expert services to writers, directors and producers seeking practical help with a troublesome script or subject.
  • The Script Doctor - A screenplay consultancy service, by veteran writer Vernon Zimmerman, who has written and directed many feature films.
  • Script Farm - Providing development help including: script coverage, film and television scripts, story editing and consultation, and plays.
  • The Script Fixer - Specializing in television and movies, we provide script analysis, treatment analysis, proofreading, ghost writing, writing tips and consultations.
  • Script Nannies Screenplay Consultants - One-on-one guidance from professional story analysts with over 15 years experience. Format follows industry guidelines for script coverage.
  • Script Pimp - Offering script writing coverage and consultant services and marketing to producers, agents, and managers.
  • The Script Proofreader - Proofreading for film and television scripts. Let The Script Proofreader check your grammar, punctuation, spelling and format, before you send out your scripts.
  • Script Shrink - Script Shrink is a script reader providing coverage only, looking for clients for theatre, film and book coverage.
  • Script Surgery - An on-line script consultant offering services including screenplay and film script analysis.
  • Script Writers Haven - Script Writers Haven delivers a full array of development, sales, marketing and promotion within the film and television arenas.
  • - Free advice forums on screenwriting, and tips on selling movie scripts to Hollywood .
  • ScriptDig - The screenwriter's work bench with tools such as standard Hollywood coverage and screenplay contests.
  • - Screenwriting consulting service includes evaluations and workshops.
  • script-fix - New York based group provides writers with detailed and affordable script coverage and story development notes.
  • Scriptfixers - Professional script consultants. Real screenwriters with real screenwriting advice.
  • ScriptGenie - A service for screenwriters,studios, agents and production companies who would like to have scripts evaluated by way of constructive critiquing and editing.
  • - Resources for screenwriters, screenplay consulting and typing services.
  • The ScriptMaster - An online script service by a produced screenwriter.
  • - Working Screenwriters offer script consulting and script coverage services.
  • - Screenplay coverage services and news about the art and business of screenwriting.
  • Scriptonic - Professional script coverage and editing services for Film, Television and Radio. Provides writers the assistance they need to improve their script.
  • - Realize your screenplay or treatment's potential with constructive analysis from a conscientious, Script Factory trained, experienced professsional. Basic premise to formatting issues and emergency turnaround options available.
  • Scripts That Sell - Writing tips and list of services.
  • - Publishing service offers downloads of screenplays and their script coverage. Screenwriters may post their own works for free.
  • ScriptScout - ScriptScout is a UK based company that specialises in script development, editing and scouting services for the film and television industry.
  • - Screenwriting evaluation, coverage and submission services.
  • - Coverage and consulting services for television or film scripts,providing an insider's perspective on everything from box office viability to character analysis to grammar.
  • - Script consulting firm staffed with script consultants and studio readers, offering in-depth script analysis, script coverage, and script doctoring.
  • Sheila Gallien Screenplay Consulting - Top screenplay consultant helps screenwriters improve their story and script. Sheila will upgrade your screenwriting skills and your script's marketability.
  • Skip Press - Author of the Writer's Guide to Hollywood , the Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting, and the creator and instructor of "Your Screenwriting Career" college course.
  • Smoke 'n' Mirrors Entertainment, - Story analysis and consulting for screenwriters.
  • Story and Script Development - Award-winning screenwriter and international script consultant offers script evaluation and in-depth development notes for writers, directors, and producers. Includes free pitch service.
  • Story Sense - Consulting services for writers and producers, offering script coverage and evaluations.
  • StoryNotes - "StoryNotes by Jeff Newman" provides thorough, objective script analysis. Links to online articles.
  • Storytech - Consulting for writers in all media, corporate and brand consulting, writers seminars, books and tapes. Author of "The Writers Journey," expert on myth-based storytelling.
  • Studio Coverage - Professional script coverage for aspiring writers.
  • Sunset Script - Sunset Script offers detailed screenplay coverage, pitch contests and Hollywood news for advanced screenwriters.
  • TheScriptSmith - Award-winning writer/director offers script coverage, development notes and consulting for screenwriters, plus screenwriting tips and links.
  • - Web based community providing a platform for undiscovered talent to showcase their work and receive peer feedback and criticism.
  • UK Script Doctor - Analysis and consultations by leading industry professional based in the UK . I can improve your chances of getting an agent, sale & production.
  • The Ultimate Screenplay Analysis - British Screenwriters offer a professional Reader's Report, Pen to Page Polishing and the unique 45 Element Story Design Breakdown.
  • Venice Arts e-Screenwriting - Free online screenwriters workshop and script consulting, as well as a Query Submission Service and annual screenwriting competition.
  • Wanton Muse Script Analysis - Submit your screenplay online for professional analysis by UK-based Production company.
  • WordBack - Interactive script consultation and coaching, analysis, development and action plans.
  • The Write Touch - Writer/Editor Tim Burns will analyze your screenplay, TV script, or novel, using his 20 years of film and television industry writing experience.
  • - Coverage by Hollywood veterans, available for screenplays, books, short stories, plays and articles.
  • Writer's Blueprint - Offers a breakdown of all major screenplay elements and constructive tools on how to repair problems. In other words, a "Blueprint" for a better script.
  • Writing a Screenplay - Alan A. Armer, Emmy-winning writer, director and producer, offers assistance to aspiring screenwriters, focusing on writing for television.
  • written by clark, productions - Young working screenwriter, USC alumni J.T. Clark offers consulting and writing services with a flare for tricks and tips in a youth driven industry.
  • - French language script doctoring site dedicated to first time screenwriters, located in France .
  • Xandy's Script Service - Coverage and assessment services for independent producers, writers, film students or anyone who needs help developing screenplays and projects.
  • You Write I Edit - Manuscript, Screenplay and Query editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Zydeco Creative Consulting - Specializes in film, television and theatre. Offers story editing and analysis, writing, consultation, and instruction.
  • Alpha Scripts - Dedicated to teaching the basics of scriptwriting. Topics include character creation and pitching your script.
  • Embryo Films - Sydney-based film production company offering screenwriting workshops around Australia .
  • Hollywood By the Bay - San Francisco Bay Area screenwriting conference brings script writers and film and television industry pros together. Study the craft and business. Learn plot, character, action, dialogue, pitch craft and more
  • Hollywood Scriptwriting Institute - Learn screenwriting at home. Agent/Producer referrals when script ready.
  • Leslie Kallen Seminars - Information about seminars taught by Richard Walter, Chairman of Screenwriting at UCL
  • Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434 - Screenwriter, Lew Hunter, offers workshops. Includes dates and information for upcoming Indian Summer Writer's Colony.
  • New York Film Academy: Screenwriting - Intensive workshop for beginners. General information, fees, and dates.
  • Screenwriters Online - Screenwriting classes and industry report.
  • Screenwriting Conference in Santa Fe - Annual event for screenwriters and produces. Background information, class, workshop, and seminar details, schedules, information about the locality and available accommodations, testimonials, and links.
  • Screenwriting Workshops by Glenn Benest - Private screenwriting workshops in Los Angeles by Award-Winning screenwriter Glenn Benest.
  • ScriptForSale Screenwriting Community - Assists writers, directors, and producers to create marketable screenplays. ScriptForSale provides industry interviews, articles, and advanced Screenwriting classes.
  • - John Truby offers professional training in screenwriting. Course details, software, store, and links.

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